Help getting a GPU running on my RockPro64
Hey guys Im looking for a little guidance... well maybe alot! lol I have a project that requires me to run a standard GPU on an SBC which i have chosen the RockPro64 to do so.  I am currently running Ayufan's Ubuntu18 which works well with the rest of my software, but have been having some difficulty getting the GPU to work.  I have 2 problems (which ultimately might just be the same)

  1. When trying to install the drivers it errors out with "Unable to load the kernal module nvidia.ko" I have asked at nVidia forums to see if i can get some guidance on this, unless someone here knows why it errors out.  It give a list of possible reasons for it to do this (built against the wrong sources, with the wrong version of GCC, or if another driver such as nouveau is present, or if no GPU is installed <-- think this is the problem)
  2. When i power up the GPU and boot the RockPro is fails to boot.  I get the red and white light constant and thats it.  The only things i know to look at are in GRUB but thats not present so I am at a bit of a loss.  Its obviously failing to boot due to the GPU, thus why i am thinking these 2 are connected since i cant "install" the GPU before installing the drivers.  Any ideas?
Any help is greatly appreciated!

*GPU is connected via PCIE slot with a riser and powered by an external source*

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