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(06-05-2016, 03:04 PM)Inuyasha Wrote: You keep saying this as if you're the only one who hasn't received their Kickstarter rewards...  Just FYI, there are still a lot of people who haven't, myself included.  The only thing we can really do is be patient.  I understand the frustration with people starting to receive their store orders already.  I wasn't thrilled to see that either, but what can we really do?

I've said it twice, and I know I'm not the only person still waiting. I know I'm not the only person who is angry about this situation, but just shrugging and saying "what the hell" is not going to accomplish anything.

Pine said that Kickstarter orders would ship perhaps before May, but no later – they lied.

Pine said that all Kickstarter awards would be fulfilled before Store orders went out – they lied.

Pine said there was a nine-day wait to respond to emails – they lied (I'm still waiting for responses to two emails sent on May 10th).

My order's been showing that it's ready to ship for over a month now. When I got bored of waiting I asked Pine if they could cancel my order and give me a refund – they refused. So now here I am stuck waiting for an order I no longer want from a company that seems to be unable or unwilling to deliver, but they won't give me my money back or even tell me when I can expect delivery. The catch-all excuse Pine keep wheeling out, that they've been too busy and demand has been overwhelming, doesn't really wash. Pine were happy to take all our money, how about they use all that unprecedented cash influx for all those unexpected orders to hire extra staff to help them meet deadlines? Instead we just get whiny updates that don't really answer anything. WE'VE FUNDED YOUR COMPANY AND YOUR PRODUCT. SHOW US SOME RESPECT.

It seems to be the trending sentiment that kickstarter projects don't attract people that actually have customer service experience. Everything that you have said about Pine64, is the same thing that you could have said about Oculus Rift. Which I've gotten both (haven't used Oculus yet, still waiting on a decently priced 1080)... The Pine64, I just got last Saturday, put a DD Android 5.1 and booted up just fine but then I put the WIFI on it and bam, went out of commission IE constant reboots (see other threads) ..... The PI 3 had no such issues.. So at this point really cares about supposed performance..
I dont see how you can possibly compare a first gen Pine with a Pi3. How about comparing it with the first Pi and you are closer.
Pine is still in the early beginning while Pi has had many years to become what they are (as a product and as a community).
Thanks for cherry picking what my intent of the post was. If it wasn't for the dumb WIFI module, I'd be having no particular issue with the Pine.. I did have to find another way of download 5.1 DD non-rooted Verison elsewhere other than their WIKI page... Bottom line is, with my limited exposure to Kickstarter, and Oculus/ Pine64.. They don't learn anything from each other.. Communication and actual genuine Customer Service goes a  long way. It wasn't until after Oculus sent updated shipping schedules that most people calmed down.

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