Modem can't dial out
(11-22-2020, 01:31 AM)quantumphoton Wrote: then why is this phone shipped with this dysfunctional pmos???!!!
None of the OSes are fully functional yet, and they're all moving quite quickly. This means that whatever OS they picked to ship would be outdated by the time it arrived. It's only meant as a starter so you don't have to use an SD card to boot the first time.

I wish Pine64 would make it more obvious what the software state is in the product descriptions, as well as making the separation between them making the hardware, and the software being a community effort. Some people seem to be buying it expecting a fully working phone out of the box, while a bit of reading in the forum should show that's not a realistic expectation.
(11-22-2020, 01:31 AM)quantumphoton Wrote: then why is this phone shipped with this dysfunctional pmos???!!!
What part of experimental "Developers Edition" did ya miss?  Pine just makes the hardware, we make it work.  It is the only way out of the chicken and the egg problem Linux on a phone faces.  We needed hardware but nobody in the mainstream industry was going to make hardware for an OS that didn't exist yet and none of them are interested in investing in building out a full Android competitor.

So Pine makes the phones and each batch partners with one of the distros, everybody shares the patches and everybody is winning.  Movement is pretty fast, by next year the basic phone functionality should be fairly stable across several "desktops" and the action can move to making a real "smart phone."

Finally, if you got the PMOS edition you can still distro hop, just like any other Linux user.  Get the multidistro image and try em all.
The "Multi" will give you an idea about each each distro on it,
but since megi has a custom boot on this, a single operating system may not behave "exactly" the same by itself.
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