New OS for RockPro64 is here, TwisterOS Armbian
(03-29-2021, 11:02 AM)Wizzard Wrote: If I understand correctly, I may upgrade the packages via apt, but I need to rewrite eMMC to upgrade to 2.0?
That's correct.

TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1 patch is here.
Please note this is the first patch we are releasing that doesn’t need to wipe out/reflash previous build. Newest full 2.0.1 version it’s also been uploaded to main site.
Also, after updating to latest 2.0.1., there will be a TwisterOS Patcher icon that will be used to update to future releases.

To download 2.0.1 patch:
To download 2.0.1 full version:

Version 2.0.1 patch notes:
  • Added a proper software store
  • Added Twister OS Armbian Patcher app
  • Added Vivaldi and Gnome Software to iTwister themes dock
  • Fixed a bug in DynamicWallpaper
  • Updated Twister 10 theme icons
  • Updated Discord icon and shortcut
  • Updated Twister OS graphics
  • Updated README
  • chmod a+x
  • ./
wait 10 seconds, patching process will start automatically
  • It will reboot automatically once it’s completed.

[Image: zAF1Lq.jpg]

[Image: ywNikr.jpg]

Crysis PC Game running on RK3399 with TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.0. with BOX86 + PANFROST.

For those who wants to have the best possible browser experience on TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1, I strongly advise you to try new Chromium-beta arm64, it's better and faster than latest firefox, supports panfrost and full HW acceleration on browser and has video decoding features and can even work with widevine:

- sudo add-apt-repository ppa : saiarcot895/chromium-beta
- sudo apt install chromium-browser chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

Now, let's Force GPU acceleration Flags:

- In chromium browser type:
- search for raster and enable for both:
1. GPU rasterization
2. Zero-copy rasterizer

-search for render and select enabled for

3. Override software rendering list

- restart chromium.

To enable hardware video decoding, open chrome://flags, search for "Hardware-accelerated video decode", enable the entry, and restart Chromium.

Make sure your chrome://gpu  matches mine:

[Image: E9hdwg.jpg]

WebGL aquarium tests have some outstanding 30~33 FPS

[Image: NkdA7c.jpg]

Many thanks at Saikrishna Arcot - Chromium browser Ubuntu 20.04 package

RockPro64 test with Panfrost on Revolt game at 1080p(1920x1080) on Max settings w/ TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.1

[Image: QW07Cj.jpg]

**TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.2. Patch is here.**
Please note this is the second patch we are releasing that doesn't need to wipe out/reflash previous contents from uSD/eMMC/NVMe

**To download 2.0.2 patch and manually install it:**

**Version 2.0.2 patch notes:**

- Switched to Ubuntu repository version of LibreOffice to enable GTK support
- Updated Discord app
- Updated Twister 10 theme icons
- Added/updated Twister OS Wallpaper
- Chromium Browser | 32-Bit mode playability supported

**Instructions to install 2.0.2 patch automatically:*

- Launch Lightpad (F1 by default), then click on "Twister_OS_Patcher Icon"
[Image: jyaAMN.jpg]

- Click on "See Update"
[Image: I3KyDt.jpg]

- Click on "Install 2.0.2"
[Image: VFjBvW.jpg]

- Wait until prompted to reboot
[Image: yHQ7YG.jpg]

- Enjoy



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