(11-16-2020, 12:09 PM)snow season Wrote: hey everyone ubuntu touch is booting an I can send txt however I cannot make or receive calls. I have a new 128gb SD sandisk extreme plus. When I turn on the phone it boots fully to Ubuntu there is a notification banner that pops down from the top of screen reading storage device not found or something like that and carries out txt-sms fine and shows tmobile. Looks like Im almost there just missing the phone. It will not call out
May be a problem with your carrier, see this comment below:  


Maybe have a play around with different OSes, (or a different carrier), and have a look around other threads to see if you can narrow down the issue.  I'm running UBPorts Ok on calls but on a different carrier.  

I also get the storage device error booting when from SD card, but I just ignore it.

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