Status update 2020-11-15
(11-16-2020, 01:45 PM)Kawayuppie Wrote:
(11-16-2020, 10:21 AM)vandys Wrote: Has anybody taken the stable 11/13 and updated through the SW center today?  Still booting/running OK?

I tested software centre, but it did nothing. It acted as if it was doing the update, but actually didn't do anything. I then went into shell and did an "apt update" and the "apt upgrade" ... no issues, even rebooted okay.

To confirm, this was using the 11/13 reference image.
I had the exact same experience with the Software app and having to update via apt, now my Pinephone is running the 20201113 reference image fully up-to-date just fine.
3 problemettes
1) Flashlight option on status panel is greyed out/doesn't work.
2) Videos(/totem) still causes hard hang on my phone
3) Can't (easily) apt remove totem as has package dependencies with mobian-phosh & phosh-full
  • ROCKPro64 v2.1 2GB, 16Gb eMMC for rootfs, SX8200Pro 512GB NVMe for /home, HDMI video & sound, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Arch (6.2 kernel, Openbox desktop) for general purpose daily PC.
  • PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, daily driver, rk2aw & U-boot on SPI, Arch/SXMO & Arch/phosh on eMMC
  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb, Tow-boot with Arch/SXMO on eMMC
(11-17-2020, 03:51 AM)dukla2000 Wrote: 3 problemettes
1) Flashlight option on status panel is greyed out/doesn't work.
2) Videos(/totem) still causes hard hang on my phone
3) Can't (easily) apt remove totem as has package dependencies with mobian-phosh & phosh-full
Did not test 1), can confirm 2+3.

I did uninstall non working totem from ssh. Before accepting, I copied the names of the two erroneously linked packages and afterwards re-installed them...
"...Finally, we promoted the Friday 13th build as our new reference release, based on encouraging feedback from users.

We highly recommend that you reflash this release (or a more recent nightly build) instead of trying to upgrade. Upgrading from a build older than 20201113 will bring you into "unsupported and likely to break things" territory, and you'll be on your own here.

Hope you enjoy this new release anyway..."

Thank you, Awai! When I saw this I had been updating from a fresh install of the nightly from 11/6/2020. One notable difference on monday 11/9 after updating on the weekend was that it felt stable in a way that the battery life had staying power. The jittery touch screen problems of un-called App opening on its own were also stopped happening. I was pretty happy with the way things were there. The only strange thing is that the modem number seems to be shifting constantly. That problem seem to be fixed after 11/16 update. Though, calling now is a bit touch and go. and the battery life is again draining faster.

So, is it still advised to get a fresh install of the 11/13 nightly? Or is 11/6 recent enough?
(11-17-2020, 01:57 PM)HLing Wrote: So, is it still advised to get a fresh install of the 11/13 nightly?  Or is 11/6 recent enough?

11/6 definitely lacks some updated packages, 11/13 or later is to be preferred
Is there currently a problem with adding or changing the APN  ?

When I enter a new APN and click 'save'  it goes back to the Access Points page without saving the entered information.


Update :  Dec. 05,

  The above problem was with a AT&T sim card,  I have no problem using a PureTalk sim card even though it is an AT&T MVNO (reseller)
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so maybe this info will be useful for somebody.  Since last install I have not been able to reinstall the 11/13/20 or later image. I'm still on the 11/3 and have been updating steadily, including today. 

my present "uname -a" gets me:  Linux mobian 5.9-sunxi64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Nov26 09:29:57 UTC 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux

The last few update has been somewhat difficult. 2 days ago even the reboot command as root was sluggish and not heeded. Calling seems to have reverted back to the beginning, when one can call out and receive, but no sound is heard. If i call myself, I could get my voicemail, but as I enter the code to get my messages, it goes into a different page, and so the voicemail doesn't get the code. The recording of the voicemail keeps asking for password, i keep entering, but it doesn't get through. 

I'm afraid this is what Awai was warning about, if I do not use the image from 11/13 and on. Am wondering if I will have to get a fresh install. AND, if i am able to, how are things like calling and testing working these days? (I'm with T-mobile. have a steady 4G signal most of the time up until 2, 3 days ago)

Thank you!
I have had the carrier :  'Simple Mobile' on one of my PMOS Convergent edition phones, -   an NVMO of T-Mobile,  
       (2 months of prepaid service)

    I had no problems using Talk, Text, and Data on recent nightly releases from before and after the November 13 changes.

       It auto-downloaded the APN information for Simple Mobile,   -    but the 'box' still required a check mark for the selection.

 *   I did not do any manual updates, I just did new downloads and flashed to sd card.

  <   >   Also :    I did NOT try using voicemail...   I did visit the forum using 'Data & Hot Spot' but I did not test 'YouTube'...

(I have since let that carrier subscription run out,  they (Simple Mobile)have very serious issues with privacy concerns in my opinion.)
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