After update the green light comes on then the system hangs

I have a postmarket phone that has run very well up until now. Today, I upgraded mobian, I turned off the phone, waited a few minites and restarted it but only the green light came on then nothing. I made a fresh re-install, upgraded the system, rebooted and I ended up exactly in the same situation like before - the green light comes on and the phone hangs.
When I tried Arch on one of my PMOS phones, it would do updates with no graphics showing on a black screen.
but it would eventually finish the updates, restart, then show the 'log-in' screen.

I wonder if these interim Mobian releases could be running updates with no graphics showing ?

How long did you wait with the black screen ?

a-wai has mentioned not doing updates for the next few days, as things may tend to break.
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I waited about 10 minutes.
Should I wait longer?
I am only guessing here, my experience with the black screen was on Arch, I have held off updating my Mobian operating systems after
reading a-wai 's post.
But it would depend on how large the download/update takes on your phone.
Most are just minutes, but they can be longer. I know it is very hard to sit and watch a black screen.

But you could download a recent image that you know works and test your phone from that point, just to verify the phone functions properly.

The 'Reference' release of Mobian will be out in a few days, that will most likely be one of the best operating systems offered yet.
But again "waiting" is hard to do. I know.
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I installed today's nightly build, it works without a glitch.
That is good to hear,    

 a-wai has warned that over the next few days updates are likely to break the system.

It is just most of the OSes are under heavy development at this point in time.

You may wish to turn off auto-update for the time being.
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I have had it hang on *reboot* several times, shutdown and restart seems to work more solidly.
When it hangs, holding the power button for 10s, releasing, and holding it again for 5 seems to allow it to boot.
That is assuming that there was no software "oops" during the upgrade.

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