Is the latest PinePhone CE that is shipping now a semi-stable device ?
(11-09-2020, 06:26 AM)LinAdmin2 Wrote: I was told by the gang of PinePhone freaks that as long the phone is able to make ringing a distant phone, the calling DOES work... Blush

Not respecting this eternal truth brought me -35 reputation points and ugly comments by moderator(s)...

Seriously? I hope I did not get my self in trouble  Rolleyes

Well, I think that we should maintain an open dialog about all types of things, good and (especially) bad - this is how progress is being achieved, I believe.

I will be as critical as possible on the negative points, and as grateful as possible on the positive points :-) the hardware and software developers of this device need un-biased feedback to help them improve it.

So far in general, I am thrilled to hold in my hand a true linux phone! and feel lucky that a few difficulties that have been published here in the last few days by new users did not occur on my delivered device.  however - I will test and give my honest opinion about it.

I have just opened a centralized thread where I describe my initial tests, to share with others:
Hopefully more users of the newly delivered PinePhone will add their own experiences and we end up with an information-rich thread that is focused on this latest delivery of PinePhones.
You use this not as an Linux PHONE without a sim card. You use it as an linux gadget.......

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