PSA: Transition in progress - don't update !
(11-10-2020, 07:00 PM)deedend Wrote: But if I install a Mobian nightly today, keeping it updated with APT is the same as re-flashing it with a new version? Is it possible to migrate from Nightly to "stable" afterwards without a complete re-flash?

There is, so far, no particular concept of "stable" in Mobian. Technically Mobian is based on Debian Bullseye, but the PinePhone/ARM/phone stuff may be slightly beyong bleeding edge but not much!

There are occasional "reference" releases (the last was 20201005).

In theory starting with any nightly and update/upgrade will get you to the latest nightly. In practice that is not so as new stuff is being added and fundamental work is going on, so the update/upgrade path is not always smooth. viz this thread itself, or the recent addition of Rhythmbox to the package.

For me
  • I accept the PinePhone experience is probably closer to alpha than beta in terms of software.
  • I install a new nightly every few weeks
  • I update/upgrade most days
  • I am happy as a pig in sh1* to have nothing from a FAANGS or even Micro$oft on my phone/pocket computer
  • ROCKPro64 v2.1 2GB, 16Gb eMMC for rootfs, SX8200Pro 512GB NVMe for /home, HDMI video & sound, Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Arch (5.13 kernel, Openbox desktop) for general purpose daily PC.
  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb daily driver, dual boot via p-boot with Mobian/f2fs/Phosh on eMMC, Arch/ext4/Phosh on SDcard
  • PinePhone v1.2a 2G/16Gb that needs USB board replaced

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