PSA: Transition in progress - don't update !
I am using Mobian on an SD card to port Kalliope. I upgrade using apt-get and managed to bork my device about 2 hours before finding this thread. It all seemed to work however, there was no sound, incoming or outgoing. Yesterday I once again upgraded. Not realizing that it was a full-upgrade situation I had some issues but in the end it all worked.  "sudo apt-get full-upgrade"

5.9 kernel, sound works again, pretty good quality too, however, on incoming calls, the phone wakes up, rings, but does not allow me to answer! lol

No problems calling back, Smile

I have managed to load the dependencies (with one exception) for Kalliope and I have managed to build it. A 3 hour build, felso t like I was back in the 1990's lol, The one exception is the library libttspico-utils. This is related to the pico TTS application. The package exists in x86 Debian but I suspect I may have to build it for ARM. I  figure I should ask before I do that if anyone knows if this package is available for ARM.

Thanks to all who contribute


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RE: PSA: Transition in progress - don't update ! - by Lousy Fisherman - 11-06-2020, 11:50 AM

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