Pinebook Pro Out of stock
Recently I was thinking about buying a Pinebook Pro. Unfortunately it was out of stock. Even then i did not give up, i tried to contact the crew but i didn't had success, so here i am to ask if there's some expected date to come back. I'm really excited to use this product
Production is on hold because of the shortage of quality screens.

Hopefully the supply will bounce back soon.
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Is there some reason why we can not preorder a pinebook pro? It is really an odd expectation for potential customers/users to have to keep returning to a website until something is in stock.
@ben79, Yes, their is a reason. It's as @bcnaz says, without quality LCDs available in the size needed, or timetable of when the LCDs could become available, their is no ability to predict when Pine64 can build and ship the Pinebook Pros.

I expect that you want to queue up an order. However, would you want to wait 4 or more months? Even if you would, many would not and possibly create a need for refunding when the product is delayed. Thus, Pine64 has put the pre-orders on hold.

To be clear, Pine64 is not the only company having trouble. HP is having trouble building some of it's business laptops. (Of course it might be a different problem, like production under estimation of newer CPUs from AMD.)
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Yeah, there are long lead times this year for many products, and others have no estimated date (like the PBP) because there is no reasonable way to estimate when production will catch up.

New products being released are also often in rather limited quantities.

I'm glad I was able to get a PBP, but waiting for months without any kind of actual shipping date estimate ca be less than fun.
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Check the forum, some people are selling their PBP.
They are back in stock. Just bought a PBP for my girlfriend for Christmas. 

Looking forward to the docking station.  Big Grin
The ISO version is already out of stock. Only ANSI keyborad version is available ATM
(11-18-2020, 03:33 AM)firefox-58 Wrote: The ISO version is already out of stock. Only ANSI keyborad version is available ATM

Is the ISO version more popular overall? Being from the US, I prefer the ANSI keyboard.
Oh no I missed it.  Sad  Where there ISO Pinebook Pros for sale or just the ANSI variants? I visited the shop site every day for weeks to get an ISO variant. 

The Shop says new orders for early December for the ANSI and August,2020 for ISO.

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