How do I configure my data connection?
I got my Manjaro pinephone today and currently tinkering. Most things work out of the box, WiFi was straight in and even seems more stable than my android phone which is a big checkmark in the pinephone's box.

The only problem is I can't seem to configure my data connection. I'm happy hacking into text files if need be, but I have no idea where to start. My Telco's APN details are here

As far as I can see, the modem supports the LTE B1, B2 and B28 and I seem to be having no issue making calls, but data is just not connecting at all. Can someone give me some pointers about where to start debugging it?
Ok, was a red herring.

I ran a pacman update and didn't try rebooting first. I chased it down in journalctl and realised the kernel modules weren't getting loaded, reminding me of similar issues I've had with arch in the past. Rebooted and everything is sweet now

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