Pinebook pro crashing when put to sleep?? [Manjaro]
Hijacking as well to say that downgrading from 5.9 to 5.8 fixed a bunch of other issues for me besides sleep, around memory/swap. In case anyone is having similar issues with freezes around swapping and memory not being released properly after terminating a process
I confirm severe kernel memory management problems on 5.9 and 5.10-rc's.

As of now (5.9.3 and 5.10-rc2) are unusable.


I just compiled 5.9.4 - same situation - unusable.


They released 5.9.5 shortly after 5.9.4. Compiled it and it has no leak. It was panfrost leaking.
There is also a bug in Mutter7, causing gdm to crash when you return from sleep or even from lockscreen
Sleep is often problematic, I haven't really tried on the PBP.  I try to not close the lid, I grab the left side and stand it up on the floor to put it down.  With the screen and keyboard being at right angles it stands up quite nicely on its side.

I haven't bothered to play with it because getting my SSD to boot is more important, but I wonder if a dedicated sleep partition would  work better than a file.  4 GB isn't that much space to give up, even on an SD.  Using a swap file doesn't seem like it would work very well if something happens to be swapped out when you start to go into sleep.  Swap and sleep will run into each other and I don't think either checks for the other.  I set up a 10 GB swap partition on my SSD that seems to work fine.

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