Controlling CPU frequency - no 2GHz?
(01-30-2021, 02:43 PM)rimaille Wrote: On ARM, all Device Tree Sourcefiles (DTS) are for now located in {kernel source dir}/arch/arm/boot/dts.
dts files for board-level definition
dtsi files for included files, generally containing SoC-level definition.
TheDevice Tree Blob is produced by the compiler, and is the binary that gets loaded by the bootloader and parsed by the kernel at boot time
arch/arm/boot/dts/Makefile lists which DTBs should be generated at build time

So you have to edit the dtsi, and then compile your kernel, to generate dtb.
Look here to get an example :

The most important imo is not the overclock, but the undervolt, mostly during a warm summer.

Never tried using dtc on its own, without being called by the kernel compiling process, sorry.
Ok thanks for the infos... I looked more on the internet and i'm currently trying to compile the latest 5.11 mainline after changing clocks in the dtsi file... I just need to understand the process, than i'm gonna play around with it a bit. Big Grin
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