Controlling CPU frequency - no 2GHz?
(10-31-2020, 11:15 PM)rimaille Wrote: You can even go to 2,1Ghz, safely, at 1,25V instead of 2Ghz@1.3V by default.
This require kernel compilation, but it worth it !
can you help me with this? i want to change clocks/voltages but i don't know how to work with dts/dtb/dtsi...

i tried to download these 3

i tried to compile the dts using "dtc" but i get an error:
Error: rk3399-pinebook-pro.dts:7.1-2 syntax error
FATAL ERROR: Unable to parse input tree

if understand right i need to modify the dts/dtsi, compile it into a dtb, copy it in the /boot/dtbs/rockchip/ folder and compile the kernel?
PinebookPro v2.1 4xA53@1704Mhz / 2xA72@2208Mhz / GPU@1100Mhz / CCI-500@1200Mhz

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