Controlling CPU frequency - no 2GHz?
(10-26-2020, 05:44 PM)jimsurvak Wrote: Hello Pine64 community!
I've been reasonably happy with my PbP since receiving it early this year. However, I was tinkering around with some things & installed the former Debian-based factory OS & noticed that there's a CPU frequency widget that lets me set the CPU to 2GHz. I forgot this was a thing, so tried to set my CPU frequency (using the "cpupower" terminal utility) but the max I seem to be able to manage is 1.42GHz. I've tried a few different distros on a microSD but run Manjaro as my daily, so I'd like to know a couple things:

1) is it possible to set the CPU to 2GHz?
2) is it known why 1.42GHz is (or at least, is reported as) the maximum?

I thought maybe it was just an oddity with the Debian distro but it seems that 2GHz is reported in Pine64's documentation as the maximum frequency.

Any insight and/or suggestions would be appreciated!
Isn't that the max frequency of the 4 smaller a53 cores? I think only the two a72 cores can go to 2ghz or at least 1.8ghz.

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