masquerading and truncated sms; mis-patched phone calls
Some time in September I called someone I had spoken to two, three times prior. This time a different person answered. It took a few second before I realized it.  I double checked afterwards. It did not show that I dialed the 2nd person.  Same day, similar situation, the phone call went to the voicemail of yet another friend of mine whom i did not intend to call.

The above happened in one day. Hasn't happened again since.

Today, it was with sms. I received a sms that was clearly from my sister, but it came under a friend whom i hadn't been texting since 2 days ago. When I double checked with my sister, I found that I received 2/3 of her text, and the end of the text I received was not from her. Nor was it from the friend.

Any insights?
Happened once a few weeks back,  replied to one Son's text and a different Son received the reply.

But it has not happened since then.

That happened on Simple Mobile (T-Mobile reseller)

I wonder if that could possibly be a carrier/network issue, rather than a operating system error  ?
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"I wonder if that could possibly be a carrier/network issue, rather than a operating system error ?."
I think you might be right. I am also on a T Mobile network.

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