Incoming calls/sms when the phone sleeps
I tried different OS (Mobian, pmos, UT) and UI, but everytime Pinephone doesn't wake up from suspend when it gets a call or sms. Reading this thread I understand it is a modem issue which seems very difficult to fix. But is there any workaround ?
For me it is the only reason why I don't use the PinePhone as an ordinary daily phone.
Currently with my Brave Heart running the Oct.05 release of Mobian,  If the phone is in deep sleep, it will ring about 2 rings,..
before the calling party hears the voicemail recording.

If you are quick enough to pick up the phone you might still answer,   but if not,   I still see the "missed call" notification on my phone.

The Brave Heart does that little vibration when it gets an incoming sms text, and the log in screen lights up.
I am not certain of delay times during incoming sms text,   But I do not think I miss any...

That seems to be more dependable than other OSes that I am testing with the other newer PMOS phones I have. 

While I am aware there are reported problems with the modem firmware,
     I think the slow wake up time is probably caused by 'Crust' in the software.

  > (a few months back I thought my Brave Heart modem needed to be reflashed, now I am glad I did not do that)
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It works quite well right now on Arch. It also rings 2 or 3 times on the other phone before the pinephone wakes up but then it rings, too. No idea if this is really a Mobian problem or if the voicemail settings should be changed.
@bcnaz, I was also using mobian 20201005, but I did have a lot of disconnection issues. Two days ago I switched to UT (16.04, 2020-09-18). Since them, phone calls and sms work well : no more disconnection, phone wakes up instantaneously from sleep when it receives incoming calls. 
I have been using pinephone as my regular phone since two days now and didn't miss any calls or sms.
Haven't try Arch yet.
(10-20-2020, 04:53 PM)petrus Wrote: I tried different OS (Mobian, pmos, UT) and UI, but everytime Pinephone doesn't wake up from suspend when it gets a call or sms.
Just out of curiosity, do you want the phone to wake up on sms/mms? Why?

My old HTC Desire did not wake on sms if I remember correctly. It made a sound and the notification led started blinking.

It would be nice to see on the login screen what kind of notifications were active though, so you could just see with a single on-click what was happening at the moment. Like different icons for missed calls, new messages received, software updates and what have you.

(This is all moot at the moment with Mobian though - my phone pretty much refuses to stay asleep more than a few minutes whatever I do...)
@ binick. Yes actually for the sms, just a sound and a notification would be enough. But can the phone make a sound/notification without waking up ?
I must say I was a little optimistic when I said there were no more disconnection switching to UT. I realized that after a few hours I lost phone connection. There is still the little icon saying there is a cellular connection, but I am not able to make or receive a call. I have to reboot the phone.
Is there a way (logs for instance) to understand why the phone (braveheart in my case) disconnects ?
Same OS on the Brave heart and a PMOS phone, the one with AT&T carrier is pretty consistent, dependable.
While the PMOS phone has T-Mobile and is very inconsistent and undependable.

Perhaps the carriers do make more difference than we would think ?
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With a strong carrier signal my phone seems to wake quicker, with a weak signal it can wake up after the caller gets referred to my voice mail.
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Thanks bcnaz. I wanted to change my carrier (SFR network, France) anyway. I will see if there are some differences.
In this article (in French), a-wai speaks about a problem of communication between the SoC and the modem on the braveheart edition. I am wondering if it has to do with the cellular disconnections issue.

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