Arch on Pinephone
Anyone know where I can download Arch for the Pinephone?
Here you go, an entire thread on these very forums! Wink Download link is at the very end of the original post.
You forgot the link:
(10-20-2020, 11:47 PM)Veraendert Wrote: You forgot the link:
I didn't actually, the word "Here" is a hyperlink to the same thread you linked. Although I understand why you'd miss it, the site doesn't have the standard "bright, vibrant color with an underline" for hyperlinks. Wink
My bad. You're right.
Using oct. 24 release of Arch on my PMOS Convergent phone with a new Pure Talk sim card,  talk/calls both in and out 2 way text tested passable.
This is my first data test,  seems to work..
I am using Epiphany "Web" browser..  scaling is mighty tiny but readable.

OH  !
  The browser 'back' button intermittently works & does not work

Using the browser at 50% ,
Most of the page fits.

Sent from my PMOS Convergent Pine phone.
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Comment :

The Black screen would not be my choice,  however it is very easy to read.  So not a complaint, just a preference.


The Hot Spot is also working,  I just gave it a short test,  and it did fine.

I even wrote a post in another thread using the hot spot for my laptop.

 I do have limited data, so I only ran hot spot for a short while.

I really like the Epiphany browser !
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