InfiniTime is a PineTime firmware that is lightweight, tidy, supported by multiple companion apps and in active development. It's the current factory-default firmware on the PineTime.

The goal of this project is to design an open-source firmware for the Pinetime smartwatch:

  • Fast and optimized LCD driver
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE) communication
  • Rich user interface via display, touchscreen and pushbutton
  • Time synchronization via BLE
  • Notification via BLE
  • Multiple watchapps:
        - Clock (displays the date, time, battery level, BLE connection status)
        - Music control
        - System info (displays various info: BLE MAC, build date/time, uptime, version...)
        - Brightness (allows the user to configure the brightness of the display)
  • Supported by 2 companion apps (development is in progress):
        - Gadgetbridge (on Android)
        - Amazfish (on SailfishOS)
  • [Experimental] OTA (Over-the-air) update via BLE
  • [Experimental] Bootloader based on MCUBoot

Getting started

Build, flash and debug



Architecture and technical topics

Check the GitHub repository for even more details!

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