Latest firmware for PinePhone modem!
(08-12-2021, 02:44 PM)dukla2000 Wrote: After my first 36 hour honeymoon with, today my modem has gone AWOL twice while running arch :-(
Still persevering with arch for now, will revert to mobian if the modem goes again and see if that is still solid. and Mobian may be daily driver-capable for me! It's the first time since I got my Pinephone about 10 months ago that I think I trust it to function reliably for inbound and outbound voice and SMS. Big Grin  Previously, I could not let the phone sleep or it would miss incoming calls and SMS texts and there was no way it was usable for me with its non-sleeping 2-3 hour battery life. With sleep set to occur after 5 inactive minutes, my Pinephone now appears to be able to reliably run all day long, if I strictly limit my Pinephone use for other purposes (media playback, OSM Scout Map Server/Pure Maps, web, email, etc.).

When the modem crashes and is not automatically restored, I've found that it can usually be brought back by toggling Settings >> Mobile off and on or by running Modem Manager GUI and pressing the cellular "activate" button.

I once found the modem to be down after I woke the phone manually using the side button (no phone call) but I don't know when the modem crashed. (Was it the manually wake-up that caused the crash?) I need to experiment more and study the log time stamps. (journalctl is a PITA and I much prefer SYS V init!)

Every time I stop using the phone and allow it to sleep, I always check to make sure the modem is up so, hopefully, I won't miss inbound calls and SMS texts.

The modem crashes that required a full phone reset, which I reported right after flashing the firmware, were hopefully related to the few +QCFG settings that I've since restored to their original values or maybe the crashes were caused by my GPS (xgps ap) activities.

I've been calling the phone frequently while it's asleep and it seems to be coming out of sleep reliably with commencement of ringing after a two-ring delay on the initiating phone end.

Finally, there's some kind of bug, at least on Mobian, where with Bluetooth off and Wi-Fi on, toggling Wi-Fi off via the screen bar Wi-Fi icon causes the phone to enter Airplane Mode--at least Airplane Mode is then reported in Settings >> Mobile).  However, the phone is not actually in a valid airplane mode, because inbound and outbound calls remain functional.

I'll probably run for a good while to gain confidence in its performance and usability before trying

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