Latest firmware for PinePhone modem!
(08-12-2021, 02:53 AM)dukla2000 Wrote: A few days ago I added my experience to the issue on the Pine64-arch git and was "nudged" that the modem-vanishing "trick" was more of a problem with So I flashed about 36 hours ago and since then have been running arch without a hiccup.

I just had a quick check through my journal and it seems the eg25manager code to regularly try recover the modem works as intended with and (my suspicion) does not work with arch &


Thank you for your post here and on the Pin64-arch git, dukla2000!

In checking my journal, I'm seeing the same failure. Sometimes eg25manager recovers the modem (even with but sometimes it does not recover it. Strangely, the xgps ap, from the gpsd-clients package, has not worked for me for quite a while (on Mobian). It stopped working with the original firmware weeks or months ago but I don't use it much (because my GPS works so poorly as to be pretty much worthless, even after seeding positional data with the "proof of concept" script) and I didn't realize that xgps was bringing the modem down. I now see that it quite reliably removes the modem from my system, requiring a phone reset. Sick Many months ago, when I first install gpsd-clients, it worked. It was not what caused my firmware modem removal yesterday when I attempted to place an inbound call to a sleeping phone, however.

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