Latest firmware for PinePhone modem!
NOTE :  August 11, 2021  >

After reading these recent posts, 

> I picked up my PMOS Convergence edition phone  (running a recent Mobian nightly from sd card)  Sitting next to me,  It has been "idle" for the

last 5+ hours,  and not connected to the charger.

  I gave it a call from another phone, I hear 2 ringtones on my calling phone  >  then the Pine phone starts ringing, 

   ... after the Pine phone rang once,  the screen to answer the call without a locked screen pops up and I am able answer the call

         and to talk and be heard on both phones Clearly.

  I am using only "Out of the Box" operating systems,  and Absolutely NO hardware/firmware modifications or "flashing".

* While we DO NEED people to go into the software and Bravely try to improve the Pine phone, 

   Please remember to mention any "previous changes"  you have made to your software or firmware BEFORE it quits working.
     and which release, of what operating system are you running.

As I have said previously,   I am only a basic GUI user.

 ***  IF   I am using the same operating system as you are, > and my phone works,  and your phone does not ?

    WHY   ?

For me the simplest answer is usually the best answer.
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