Latest firmware for PinePhone modem!
(12-19-2021, 10:33 AM)zetabeta Wrote:
(12-18-2021, 06:34 AM)Anna Wrote:
(12-03-2021, 03:42 PM)zetabeta Wrote: may not be best place, but i put it here.

those mobile data disconnects, i possibly found key issue to avoid them. edit file "/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/80-modem-eg25.rules" and change ATTR{power/control}="auto" into ATTR{power/control}="on". tested on manjaro arm linux. most likely will have side effects like wasting battery.

(actually advice came from matrix channel for modem disappearings.)

That did not work on my phone, I'm afraid. (Bookworm with all updates.)

Still same behaviour: Usually mobile connection after a restart and no connection after some time (or after certain unknown events).
maybe, you should try other distributions, like postmarketos, manjaro or archlinux.

it has been few months when i used mobian but it heated alot, run unreliably on sdcard and constant mobile disconnects. however, i haven't tested recently. manjaro seems to be more reliable but not problem-free.

i tested archlinux/sxmo shortly, weird user interface and not for ordinary users, it seems to be quite stable though.

I have to take that back: It DOES work!

Sorry about my initial, wrong assessment, I don't know what went wrong. But I in my despair I tried it again and now there are hardly any modem crashes.

That's more than great, because now my pinephone has become actually usable!

Thank you, zetabeta!

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