Have you opened your pinetab and did the screen crack when snapping back together?
Yes, screen's fine
Yes, screen's fine, also have screen protector
Yes, screen cracked Sad
Yes, screen cracked, also have screen protector Sad
No. Never going to open it up
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Opening the back and screen cracks
Hi all,

I've joined the ranks of those with a cracked digitizer/screen from opening and closing the back panel. This was after I installed a tempered glass screen protector, so I wonder if that's maybe part of the cause (possibly not letting the screen flex ever so slightly when snapping the back on?). With my first pinetab I opened and closed the back 4+ times for testing cables and such (bad touchscreen) with zero issues. With this one, I opened it only once to swap in a higher capacity eMMC, when snapping it back together it didn't feel like there was any extra tension/stress but it wound up with a corner crack. Easy enough to move the tray to the other side so losing touch there isn't a big deal, still going to be one of the first in line to buy a replacement screen if/when they're available. 

So I pose a question/poll. Just wondering how many have popped it open and reassembled without issue or have had a screen crack. Furthermore, if the screen cracked was there a screen protector involved? Wondering if this might be a common mode of failure or not.

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