Taming the Caps Lock key
Somewhere, maybe it was a DOS TSR, I've seen little utility programs that would do things like beep on every keypress while the caps lock key was active.  Or deactivate it after a certain time or number of keypresses.  Not sure how to do that in Linux.

I don't use it often intentionally but it's a lazy way to type macros.  Mostly it's on when I don't want it.

Using my PBP more these days, doing audio recordings with it.  And I just went through a 2 day power outage and the PBP was the only thing that still had a couple hours of battery left.  As winter sets in I'll spend more time with it in my recliner.


I suppose the Linux equivalent of a TSR would be a kernel module.
I always used Scroll Lock. Mostly because it bothered me that that key didn't have a real function. I used SysReq a lot to too. Of course, we have the Pine key for making other extraneous key functions.

Keyclick would be nice to have.
But of course the bane of Linux documentation is OLD documentation.  I really can't understand why people don't just put a date in something when they put it online.  Nobody's likely to future-date something, it's just going to get older.  I did Tools -> Page Info in Firefox here and it worked.  But sometimes the date you find this way is the date the file (page) was copied and the page itself could be 20 years old.  This is only 14.  Nobody's got time to clean up this mess, especially not anyone qualified to do it.  I've spent days reading old documentation only to find it was obsolete.  If time is money Linux is loaded with expensive time-wasters like this, watch out. And once in a while an ancient page is still perfectly valid, but rarely, and you just never know.
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