Lets create the PineCom
Q: Do we need both a front and back camera on the PineCom? In fact, do we need any cameras at all?
A: I understand the security concern with having cameras, but they can be very useful for a lot of applications, so I think it's better if they stay.

Q: Should we bring over all sensors present on the PinePhone? If so, which do you think we can do without?
A: Yes

Q: Should we use the same single band/11n/BT4 WiFi module in the PinePhone (for compatibility sake) or change it out for a dual band/11ac/BT5?
A: Considering the device will be without a modem and rely on WiFi more than the Pinephone would, it makes sense to upgrade the WiFi module.

Q: Should the device feature a GPS (and compass) or are those features redundant in this type of device?
A: Those features are not redundant in a device like this. I'm sure many developers can find a use case for those features on a device like this.

Q: Should we include SPI flash?
A: Yes

Q: We are currently considering following the PinePhone’s general design and aesthetic for the PineCom, but if there is some sort of physical change(within reason - also financially) that you think would fit this type of device well then make sure to let us know.
A: Would love to see the power button and volume up and down buttons on different sides of the phone. Accidently press the wrong button when they are on the same side.

Q: We’re currently thinking of using a 5” LCD panel for the PineCom; what do you think about this - is there a reason to go bigger or smaller?
A: Well for cost it makes sense to go smaller. For use case, I think it would be nice if there were two sizes 5' and 6'. People can order the one that works best for them. I'm sure some people will try and use this a phone replacement.

As far as power buttons on cell-phone like devices:

I've had them with power buttons on every side.  Unless they're recessed (and I wish they'd do this more often!) I find it utterly impossible to accidentally press them no matter where they are.

My latest phone is the worst.  Nothing like sitting in a meeting (since covid, the few I have to go to are even more solemn) after someone says "please be sure to turn your cellphones off" and having



simply because I leaned back or forward or to the left or right.
(02-13-2021, 06:08 PM)barray Wrote: Given the disagreement about exactly what the device should/could be, I think it could be cool to have some space inside for a removable card (maybe a small M.2 for compatibility with the PineTab SDR). Also this would allow other people to easily develop/test their own hardware projects.

Agreed. I guess I didn't say it in this thread, but a couple of decent modules for different purposes would be a cool idea.
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@barray & @zer0sig I'd say that their should be 2 x M.2 slots, 1 x 2230 & perhaps one 2230/42. Then leave off any builtin WiFi & Bluetooth. Let the user decide which modules they use/buy. Pine64 could make a simplified M.2 2230 with WiFi & Bluetooth as a purchase option for those that don't need more, (and know that it was tested).

Unlike a cell-phone, this PineCom could be thicker, both to support M.2 cards and to have a bigger battery.
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Would like to have GPS for sure.

I would buy instantly.
I would like it to never sell out.

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