Affordable Linux smartwatch from Pine64?
#1 called the year 2020, the year of Linux on the smartwatch. Shown is a picture of the PineTime:

PineTime is not a Linux smartwatch. Pine64 has nothing to offer to people who are searching for a Linux smartwatch. The year 2020 could be the year of the Linux smartwatches, but It is not. There are smartwatches available which are affordable and can run Linux AsteroidOS. But there is no solution available from Pine64.

After a long search for a Linux smartwatch, I found the Kingwear KW88 Pro. Here is a manual how to install AsteroidOS on the Kingwear KW88 Pro:

I gathered all the information together which I could find for the Kingwear KW88 Pro Linux smartwatch here:

Unfortunately, there is no real community to use the Kingwear KW88 Pro as a Linux smartwatch running AsteroidOS either.

I miss an affordable Linux smartwatch from Pine64, and I miss a community of Linux smartwatch users in the Pine64 forum using a Pine64 Linux smartwatch.

Chandler Swift, Cloud Engineer and developer of the instruction “Installing AsteroidOS on the Kingwear KW88 Pro” is an excellent software engineer, and did a great job with his instruction.

Still AsteroidOS is only version 1.0 and remains a shadow of Linux. But I think as a user interface for instance for a Linux sports watch (aren’t Garmin watches not also Linux watches?) it is sufficient. But from the processor and the RAM point of you, a device like the Kingwear KW88 Pro could do much more.

Could a device like the Kingwear KW88 Pro not become an excellent wearable Linux device with Linux AsteroidOS or even Ubuntu Touch, if it finds it’s followers in communities like the Pine64 community or the Ubuntu Touch community ?
Kingwear KW88 Pro is not recommended for Linux Asteroid OS Bluetooth low energy or WIFI applications. For Linux Asteroid OS, a second hand LG watch Urbaine or second hand Huawei watch is recommended, which are the best supported Asteroid OS watches:

A big potential as a Linux watch has also the Ticwatch Pro. But I still miss an affordable Linux watch from Pine64. Aren t most Pine64 devices Linux based devices? The Kingwear Pro88 demonstates, that a Linux smartwatch does not have to be expensive. Experts from Pine64 may build a low-cost high quality Linux watch in near future.

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