Correct setup for u-boot and fstab ? Device not booting
Success, Success, Success

I have downloaded the latest mini.iso from Debian and feed it through my QEMU VM, created new tar files for boot and root filesystem and boom everything worked.
So it seems to be that the Kernel was too old or something like that, anyway now it's Debian 5.10.0-4 with Kernel 5.10.19-1 and works.

But one thing I noted. when I set DEVICETREEDIR /dtbs u-boot will grab the dtb file for the H64 Model A and then it will fail to boot, so it has to be pointed directly to the dtb file for the H64 Model B with FDT /dtbs/allwinner/sun50i-h6-pine-h64-model-b.dtb for a succesful boot.

I uploaded all required files to my github (dtb file, u-boot binary, extlinux.conf etc pp.) which can be found here -->
And an easy to read .pdf file with all neccessary instructions can be found here -->

Hopefully others find that information useful and enjoy Debian on the H64.

@kuleszdl many many thanks indeed for your assistance given, otherwise I would have given up some time ago and tossed my board in the bin.

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