Correct setup for u-boot and fstab ? Device not booting
Actually u-boot should not care about anything on the APPEND line as uboot's job is just to pass these parameters to the kernel. The handling of the console is different between Debian and Devuan, so on Debian you probably will want to leave out this parameter as systemd "automagically" finds the right console.

Some devices seem to have issues with sending the output to the right screen, so you actually might get some output on HDMI in the case of having the console parameter. Also, it might make a difference if you have HDMI connected or not while booting - my recommendation is to leave it unconnected.

Yet, I am still confused about the actual issue with your extlinux.conf file. I guess there must have been some "invisible" character that got there somehow. I am running the extlinux as described in my blog article on multiple boards and it always worked for me (including my H64 board).

Now,r regarding the initramfs and root= parameter: If this does not work for you I see two possible reasons:

- you did not setup your partition labels correctly
- your kernel does not detect the eMMC/sdcard and thus does not find the partition

From your kernel log it looks like the second issue:

[    5.626236] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: request() failed for pin 65
[    5.710739] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin-65 (4022000.mmc) status -517
[    5.710749] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: could not request pin 65 (PC1) from group PC1  on device 300b000.pinctrl
[    5.728846] sunxi-mmc 4022000.mmc: Error applying setting, reverse things back
[    5.729714] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: Couldn't get bank PC regulator
[    5.743235] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: request() failed for pin 80
[    5.743243] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin-80 (300b000.pinctrl:80) status -517
No root device s[    5.759213] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: Couldn't get bank PD regulator
pecified. Boot a[    5.766960] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: request() failed for pin 96
rguments must in[    5.775220] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin-96 (5020000.ethernet) status -517
clude a root= pa[    5.784315] sun50i-h6-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: could not request pin 96 (PD0) from group PD0  on device 300b000.pinctrl

There seems to be some problem with reading your flash, thus, it does not create a mmcblk* device and you can't continue booting. Usually, you should get something as the following when the sdcard is detected (example from one of my A64 boards):

[    4.225528] sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.mmc: Linked as a consumer to regulator.2
[    4.226042] ohci-platform 1c1a400.usb: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 3
[    4.349889] dcdc4: supplied by regulator-dummy

[    4.607358] mmc0: new high speed SDXC card at address aaaa
[    4.615690] ehci-platform 1c1b000.usb: USB 2.0 started, EHCI 1.00
[    4.623932] mmcblk0: mmc0:aaaa SC200 183 GiB

Since you seem to boot with an older 5.9 kernel I would suggest to first upgrade to the current "unstable"stable LTS kernel in Debian 11 (which is 5.10.x) and to try with it. If you installed this using my VM-based approach, just boot the VM in one of the previous stages, do the upgrade and then apply the next steps to obtain an updated image.

Another thing you could try: Use the eMMC module instead of a SDcard. As far as I remember, I also had issues with the sdcard reader on the H64 with some kernels back then.

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