Correct setup for u-boot and fstab ? Device not booting
sorry for the late reply, I was busy with work all February... Undecided

I just downloaded the sources again for arm-trusted-firmware and uboot.
Tha arm-trusted-firmware built just fine without errors (v2.4).
But the u-boot built finished with an yellow error, as below (v2021.01), could this the reason why my built of u-boot wont decode extlinux.conf ?

Image 'main-section' is missing external blobs and is non-functional: scp

   SCP firmware is required for system suspend, but is otherwise optional.
   Please read the section on SCP firmware in board/sunxi/README.sunxi64

Some images are invalid

And many thanks for your offer in sending your u-boot image, but I would like to crack that nut and manage to build a working u-boot.
Main goal is to provide a "simple to follow" guide to build Debian for H64 Boards and publish that on Github for others to use who might be interested. Wink
As I believe the H64 doen't get enough "love" from the wider Linux Community / Distros.

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