NVMe-related crashes and instability, plus a solution
(12-09-2020, 01:41 AM)nostro Wrote: I recently put an NVMe-ssd in my PBP (Intel 660p M.2 1TB) and experiencing failures after copying larger amount of data. The device just disappears from the device lists, and it takes some reboots before it resurfaces.

Hey Nostro. As mentioned by JojoNintendo above, take a look into the max latency setting. I did some testing myself over on this thread for my Intel 660p 2TB, where I found setting the NVMe max latency resolved my issues with the NVMe disappearing, with and without the PCIe max-link-speed changes. Yours isn't the exact same model, so it may or may not resolve your issues, but saw your post and figured I'd ping it for reference. Good luck!

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RE: NVMe-related crashes and instability, plus a solution - by HitsuMaruku - 01-24-2021, 05:37 PM

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