NVMe-related crashes and instability, plus a solution
@simonsouth - great detective work. Thanks.

I have no such problems whatsoever but anyway it's good to know.

As to the overclock. The problem is more in voltage than CPU frequency from my experience. As I wrote in another thread mine is running super stable with 1.7/2.18 GHz but it is undervolted compared to original overclock - 1.15/1.25 V (original 1.3V).

It looks like Pinebook Pros are more prone to "silicon lottery" than other products. Great example is display enabled uboot. Where I almost had no problems with it - most people do have severe problems booting newer kernels. Why ? The only solution that comes to my mind is hardware quality differences.

BTW - nobody wants to test your PWM kernel patch Smile So probably on weekend I will do this. Although, as I said, I had minor problems with booting newer kernels.
I suspect your patch might also repair screen power management problems when using display enabled uboot. When screen goes off you just can't bring it back anymore. That's on plasma DE.
And there's also kexec problem. Screen distortions after kexec. This also might have something to do with PWM.

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