Wow pleasently surprised
I've finally gotten to s point, I moved a week after my pbp arrived, where I could sit down anfcstart really doing some work.

Lady night just before bed there were half a dozen updates j needed to install, so I figured I'd leave it to update and go to bed.

I had updated to manjaro, but probably not on the emmc, need to get it setup properly once and for all. Bugni yjouhhtnit would do most of the updates and then go to sleep and I'd have to deal with the after effects this morning.

Imagine my surprise when I got up and found the updates done and the pc still waiting. Albeit 5% battery remaining but that anything was left I found amazing.

Great job guys!

Now if I could spend !ors time w my tablet.....
If everybody could be as easily satisfied ... Big Grin
the battery life is truly impressive, and overall experience are great.
My only regret is why i didnt make it for the first batch...


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