Wall wart adequacy
Quote:Overclocking a development system is just insane.
Your 'technical' argumentation will not convince any competent engineer.
Everyone please be clear, I was simply passing on information. I had no part in the design, development or software of the Pinebook Pro. There was no 'technical' details in my post. Nor am I trying to justify over-clocking or over-volting.

On a side note, the RaspberryPi's have over-clocking. I don't know when it was introduced, nor which models have it, as I only followed RPi from a distance.
Arwen Evenstar
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(09-27-2020, 12:50 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: This is a known issue, and it's not the wall wart's fault.  The charge controller in the PBP is apparently inadequate for what the PBP can do under full load.  Without modifying the hardware, the best solution is to throttle the CPUs and/or dim the display.  There are threads here with more details.
Then if it's known and not serious, I shall tolerate it. Thanks for the answer.

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