New Pine Store is up!
(09-25-2020, 12:53 AM)bcnaz Wrote: Question on the PineTab : Is the optional keyboard an 'ANSI' or an 'ISO' ?

It looks like an ANSI keyboard, judging only by the shape of the RETURN key.
Hi and congrats for the new store!

I was trying to simulate a PinePhone order but I don't get how's VAT is calculated. It says:


PinePhone Courier Shipping Method with VAT: $19.99

VAT (estimated for Spain)


In Spain VAT is at 21%, even if I consider shipping without VAT (but it says "with VAT") it should be (199.99+19.99) * 0.21 = 46.1958.

Am I missing something? Is shipping VAT included or not?

So, is the difference between courier and regular (standard/cheaper) mail that courier uses a tracking # and standard does not? I was thinking that might be the case and chose courier. I'm not worried about paying a little more for a better result, but if it doesn't make a big difference in time or include better tracking or similar, I will probably go with standard shipping. I was able to receive shipments on the old store in a reasonable amount of time and don't remember using that or any rush settings.

Also, thanks for the heads up, I now have a pinetime and pinecube on order as well as various accessory parts (woodpecker, hard case and screen protector for incoming phone, audio DAC hat for PINE64-LTS, lithium enclosure to power PINE boxes on the road, charger for pinephone battery, pogo pins for pinetime, etc)
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The new store doesn't seem to think there are any delivery options available for me in Canada, but forum search seems to indicate that shipment to Canada has not previously been a problem. I haven't found any notification about international availability changes, is this a short-term kink in the new system?

EDIT: If you are on mobile and get the 'buy now' button, this does not work for Canada. It claims no shipping methods are available. If you are on a regular desktop browser, add to cart and select shipping there, this does work! I submitted my order successfully.

When I was just at the Pine store there was no option when purchasing a Pine phone to pick DHL ?

DHL takes days to deliver, while standard shipping can take months to deliver.
Still just the 'courier' method of shipping available in the store  !

Please bring back the DHL shipping option for Pine phones
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(10-08-2020, 02:05 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Still just the 'courier' method of shipping available in the store  !

Please bring back the DHL shipping option for Pine phones

Courier shipping service mostly using DHL, except some counties, such as Taiwan, may use other service like Shun Fong.
Just received my first order from the new store, including a pinetime to play with and the brand new PineCube!

Is there a spot for PineCube discussion yet?

Ah, I see some talk in discord at least.
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