Pinebook Pro- configuration aborts setting keyboard layout
(09-23-2020, 04:15 PM)scroall Wrote: I encountered this issue when I first received and tried to set up my Pinebook Pro, a little over a week ago. Life events have prevented me from revisiting it until now...

When I first started the PBP, I was presented with a screen to select a keyboard layout. As I have an ANSI variant, I used the arrow key to try to select it, but the system instead took me to the "create a user" screen. So, I typed in a user name and pressed "Enter," at which point the system reported "Configuration aborted. Restarting OEM script..." then clear the screen and print that message again.

Eventually I was able to get out of that loop using the left arrow. This would return me to the keyboard layout selection screen. At this point, I was able to select the ANSI layout but, when I pressed "Enter," the user creation screen flashed briefly, but then the system returned to "Configuation aborted. Restarting OEM script..."

I have powered the PBP down, and revisited it hours, a day, and a week later, just to see if anything would be different, but it isn't (not surprisingly, I guess)

I imagine this might be a software issue, and might be helped by working with a fresh image (which I may have some time to figure out in the next few days), but I also wondered if there might be something funky going on with the keyboard.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour and/or know how to resolve it?

I am really excited to try the PBP, but this month has been tough, and I'm feeling a little defeated at this point. Any help would be appreciated Smile

So I am not one of the Pine64 wizards, however I can try to help you a tiny bit with what is SOUNDS like...

To me, it sounds like your keyboard is set to a wrong locale and is sending the wrong key presses... maybe why when you push left, the highlighted selection moved down. If it were me, I would try other arrow keys and attempt to just get past that first keyboard selection screen - Manjaro may operate better [correctly] after you tell it the correct one.

However, if that didn't work at all and it were ME.... I would goto the Wiki @ Software and OS download section:
[Lol, issue with Elementary OS copy/paste.. sorry, but its easy to find!]

And I'd download the newest Manjaro OS for SD Card & eMMC image.
If you know how to burn an image, great... if not the info is on the wiki OR I'll be happy to walk you thru it. Then, I would insert that newest Manjaro SD Card in the Pinebook Pro and boot from SD.

If that fixes the issue, go ahead and create your account on that SD Card... and then,
Use pamac to download manjaro-arm-flasher... Run it, and you flash Manjaro back to the eMMC. Then you'll have that correct and working version on your eMMC as if it were brand new out of the box.

I will help you through any of this if you need. (If you understand all this, its pretty normal ARM/singleboard computer stuff so don't take offense if you know how to do all of this.)
I *think* that this might work for you, as one other poster said they heard of keyboard issues... I have expereinced none but was on the most recent shipping round. (Newer Manjaro build...) 

Last, if burning to the SD Card didn't work, I think I would research keyboard firmware here... but I suggest trying this first. 
For me, figuring these machines out *IS* what I like about them... I hope you don't get discouraged, as its not the computers fault. Either the Manjaro build has an error, the firmware needs updating, or we'll figure it out with you. Lets get you using this PBP!!
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