Mobian and HW performance
I'm using Mobian several days now and I like it very much. Just wondering if there is some space for improvement in overall performance or is the current state just the edge of the PineTab HW? I recognized that CPU usage is very high and for example Firefox is usable but laggy. The GPU acceleration should work in the current image, right?  I don't want to complain and I appreciate the work of the developers very much, Thank You!!! Just want to know...

What's your impression on performance, especially under Mobian?
I've been running 3D games on the PineTab using mesa graphics Smile I had to compile from scratch with various SDL libraries (as well as others), but it works! With full screen I was getting 30 fps which I think is not too bad at all.
barray, can we kindly ask you to elaborate? Smile At least names of the games, at most compilation instructions Wink
(09-25-2020, 03:26 PM)Lex-2008 Wrote: barray, can we kindly ask you to elaborate? Smile At least names of the games, at most compilation instructions Wink

Sorry I didn't know how notifications worked with this forum...

I have been able to compile some SDL based games, such as Assault Cube:

Regarding compilation instructions, it's not easy Tongue I would need to sit down and really go through it all again, there were quite a few steps.
Surely there must be recommendations out there for browsers less resource
demanding that FireFox

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