Pinebook Pro Boot Issues - Booting needs multiple attempts
(10-03-2020, 10:11 PM)wdt Wrote: Well, there are at least 4  (slightly) different debian images, this is aarch64 kernel and armhf userland,,
so somewhat unique,,  obviously quite good for 32 bit arm apps
I actually have that on my emmc, for reasons, but that is NOT what I recommended to you
I said "rescue SD",, on 8-16G SD, not necessarily highest quality SD,,, do update it (,when booted from SD)
Then, it is very easy to put that uboot on emmc
In short, using dd,, save emmc mbr,, maybe save 1st 16M,, dd 1st 16m SD->emmc,, restore mbr
This takes literally 5 minutes (or less), also, an OK rescue SD, and good for 32 bit arm apps
The uboot (trust) is good for sleep BTW, it is a bsp uboot, the distro, not at all
Oh, I realized that i didn't say, yes that is the right image
Do you need me to explain the dd commands to you?

I can run dd, that's my preferred method for "burning" disk images.

Can you explain the difference from the boot image on the mrfixit disk image and the uboot-pinebookpro-bsp I installed earlier? How can it fix the garbled screen after soft reboot issue and the bsp image cannot? As far as linux experience, I'm fairly intermediate and I haven't had to deal with booting issues yet. I run Manjaro KDE and Arch on my x86 based desktop and laptop and booting has always just "worked". Would you happen to know if the Manjaro folks plan to create a boot image that fixes the soft reboot issue? Maybe I should report this issue on the Manjaro forum as well?

Thanks for all your help btw!

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