Pinebook Pro Boot Issues - Booting needs multiple attempts
(10-01-2020, 07:15 PM)mtndew Wrote:
(09-27-2020, 04:23 PM)wdt Wrote: manjaro has an alternative uboot that you could try,,
uboot-pinbookpro-bsp (manual write required)
Or mrfixit's, that may or may not be the best, certainly up there

I tried installing the alt uboot and received an error during the pkgbuild process.

I ran:

git clone

chown -R "username" uboot-pine64-git

cd uboot-pine64-git

makepkg -si

Not really a coding whiz but from looking at the output of the pkgbuild process, it seems some value was set wrong and errored out the pkgbuild. See attached. Has anyone else seen this problem and know a way to get the git pkg installed?

I tried to install the wrong pkg. Installed uboot-pinebookpro pkg and powered off/powered on about a dozen times and I booted correctly each time. I still have the issue where if I do a reboot instead of shutdown, my display comes up garbled. It seems the besides the display being screwed up, the system comes up correctly since I can blindly login, bring up a terminal and type sudo poweroff and the system shuts down. Anyone know a fix for the reboot issue?

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