Selling PineTab
This is my first post here so please tell me if I'm breaking any rules.

I bought a PineTab and tried it out for a bit but felt like it wasn't quite for me. I feel like it will be in better use with someone else.

Price ~ 120$ + shipping.
I threw away the original box but everything else is included.
Shipping from Sweden, so I would prefer the buyer to be from Europe.

I think my account is too young to allow private messages so please reply here instead, as I made it to post this post.
I missed the first sale so I'd be interested. I'm from the Netherlands, is that OK?
(09-19-2020, 01:19 AM)gerwin Wrote: I missed the first sale so I'd be interested. I'm from the Netherlands, is that OK?

Yeah, I can ship it to the Netherlands, so long as you pay shipping.

You can contact me on discord: superfroggman#3517 for further communication, or somewhere else if you would like. Smile

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