Stable build and updates

Up until today I have been using the nightly build with the latest updates as my daily driver which in heindsight, probably was not a good idea seeing as I am the kind of user who loves to tinker with absolutely zero knowledge to back it up.

After @"jed"  in his short but insightful comment "Yep" in my first thread asking how to make my new password change permanent, shared with me the I have been running the terminal hot with codes adding sid repositories left and right, implementing zram, changing scale-to-fit settings, dark themes, wireguard, open-vpn etc. Shout-out to @RTP for creating the script Wipri allowing me to easily randomize my mac adress on boot.

As for as my experience during all of this it has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride. Some of the issues I have encountered have been easy to fix such as not being able to send texts or view my inbox in Chatty, I had the wrong format selected in Region and Language. Others have been slightly harder like when my friend Carl sent me a MMS and I had to unclog my inbox and delete all messages, thanks buddy. And the most annoying has probably been trying to use firefox-esr with the no-script extension involving menus that wont dissapear, menus that never show up and ofcourse menus that dont respond.

What finally took me over the edge was when I had my SO call my phone and the "ringtone" was a constant vibration loud as hell with an accompanying sound seemingly played by a mouse with stagefright. Thus, I have now decided to stop my nightly adventures and move myself to the stable version of 20200905 because I just want a phone that more or less works while not having to worry about my own "coding skills" making a huge mess which is why I am not going to touch anything out of the box.

I have a question in regards to the updates of the stable build. After flashing it to my eMMC and doing an apt update, I see that I have exactly 80 packages that can be upgraded. Now, if I update all of them where will that take me exactly? Because if it is anywhere near the Nightly build I dont have the courage yet to go back in. Should I just not update at all until the next stable version is out or how exactly can I best try to enjoy mobian as a daily driver with low to no tinkering and high stability?

Thanks to all of you for being such a welcoming community even to people like me who have no clue what I am doing and then come here to complain about the software issues lol. You are the best.

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