Does this plastic trackpad cover come off?
(09-16-2020, 10:41 AM)as400 Wrote: Hehe. Rip it off. Don't be brutal tho Smile

Lol, I knew this had to be the answer - I just didn't want to doso without question.

It seems these laptops, while IMO nicely made hardware, are a little finicky and/or have tolerances that are very tight to make the form factor... Anway, I didn't know if maybe the plastic protective film was production or supposed to be permanent.

In fact, while I think the trackpad is the weak point on the entire laptop, if you just get used to taps instead of pressing the entire mechanism down for a click it seems to operate a little nicer. I'm really impressed with build quality so far, only 1 day in...

 Thanks for the reply, none the less. Tongue Are you from the United States?

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