Pine64 doesn't respect its return and refund policy
(10-17-2020, 12:56 AM)tllim Wrote:
(10-16-2020, 03:12 PM)kop316 Wrote: I am adding my story to this. I have two Pinephones and I gave the RockPro64 a chance. I got a board that has memory errors:

I have not gotten help since filing the issue on 4 Oct. I filed a Paypal dispute over it. The lack of response in working with me when I can verify a hardware problem really sours my interest in ever buying a product from Pine again.

The support team on getting second opinion and decide to proceed with RMA due to you have clearly show the memtester result on your reply. However, since the Paypal dispute appear and the RMA process needs to withdraw. Now pending on the Paypal dispute process :-(

With all due respect, there seems to be a trend with support, sales and logistics regarding a lack of communication among themselves and consumers. Most people on the forum would prefer not to file a PayPal dispute and would rather receive assistance. However, it appears that when a PayPal dispute is filed there is an immediate response back to the consumer.

What appears to be the best route to take, when an issue arises, is to file the PayPal dispute. Once a PayPal dispute is in place, you stop assisting the consumer rather than coming up with a resolution.

Rather than waiting for consumers to file a PayPal dispute please focus your attention on the consumer's needs.

How can we as a community help develop and make projects, if we the consumers are not assisted with product support, receiving the products or products that work?

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