nvme drive disappears after about an hour of uptime
Can confirm the temp stats DO persist between boots. After a reboot, Smart still reported 4/79 for those two, respectively. So at the very least for the Intel 660p 2TB, these are persistent values.

Finally just finished the full restic restore and verify, and no NVMe disconnects. Regarding power, I was able to just use my barrel power cord for the verify portion without much issue, so seems that writes use significantly more power than reads. Given the new stability after disabling APST, I might just keep the drive instead of returning it.

If I find the time this week, I'll try seeing about individually 1) disabling just the lowest PS (a la your link regarding Samsung vs Toshiba), and 2) restoring the Max Link Speed for PCIe Gen2 speeds. If both works without issue, we can probably call it just an issue with PS 4. If PS 3 still presents an issue, then it's probably APST (either for just this drive, or Linux in general). My suspicion is that the Gen2 PCIe stuff either is a red herring or only exacerbates power state issues, rather than being a core cause of the drive disappearance.

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