My Pinebook Pro.
(09-26-2020, 12:38 AM)zer0sig Wrote: I'll have to look into that. I thought my PBP was noly partially sleeping, but I just realized that it stayed powered up for the last couple of days as it kept an IRC connection open. So it looks like it's not doing anything when I close the lid. I will check out the magnet location bit, though, thanks!
You can verify if yours is in the wrong place with a small magnet.  You should be able to reliably "sleep" the machine by placing the magnet somewhere to the right of the power and backspace keys.  (Sorry, I don't know the exact location offhand.) Then compare that to what the machine does with the lid closed.

I find (and several others have reported) that if the lid is open just a few degrees, the magnetic field lines up and the machine thinks the lid is closed.  Any more closed than that, and it thinks it's open.
Even easier, If NOT sleeping, display comes back instantly
If sleeping, a 2s pause, then mouse cursor, 4s pause, login screen
The external magnet is needed though to prove that the switch is working as intended. Else the magnet position might not be the culprit.

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