pmOS CE phone cannot boot from known good SD
(09-04-2020, 07:55 PM)singpolyma Wrote: I just got my postmarketOS edition pinephone (convergence package, 3GB). Boots up and works great! I previously had a ubports edition pinephone, booting postmarketOS from sd card. Putting that SD card in my new pinephone makes it a brick -- won't turn on at all. Take it out and it boots from emmc just fine. Put the sd card back in the ubports phone and it boots just fine... Any ideas what could cause the same sd card with postmarket on it to boot in one phone and brick the other?

here is the serial output trying to boot from my sd card:

I have not encountered this myself,  but I have seen several posts here stating that some OSes will not boot on a phone that has 3gb of ram.
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RE: pmOS CE phone cannot boot from known good SD - by bcnaz - 09-05-2020, 03:14 AM

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