Phone calls on Pinephone Ubuntu touch?
Touch worked for me.....
about 5 months ago.
But not since....
I even went back and downloaded many of the old OS releases and they no longer work, I do not know why.
But they did at the time.
This seems to be Voodoo. Is the bad sound qualitiy of the Ubuntu touch phone because of missing audio drivers for the sound card chip?
I am not using UT,  but I am running both a new Convergent phone and my Brave Heart phone on the same operating systems
The new Convergent phone sounds a whole lot better than the old Brave Heart does using the same settings for sound.

I wonder if there were any changes in hardware ?   Where does the UT Community Edition fit in those changes,

in-between the Brave Heart and the PMOS Edition ?
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Sound is working on newer releases of UBports with HDMI adapter.

Since I need a HDMI adapter anyway, I can live with this workaround. I can live with pure phone call sound quality, but not without an audio jack for a headphone.
For the Pinephone there is a script for UBports to switch between speaker and headpone jack:
according to this page:
earphone does not work for UBports. I m confused. Does this scirpt help somehow to solve the audio problems of UBports?
As I understand it UBPorts on PinePhone doesn't yet switch automatically between headphone and speaker, hence the "doesn't work" status. You can manually change the mixer settings, or use the script to make the required changes. I get the impression from some of the forum posts that occasionally UBPorts will save the audio settings in a non-working state, and that there isn't an obvious way to restore to default to get it working again. Presumably the rootfs has an alsa state file somewhere that could be loaded to fix it.
Thanks. This is the answer from the expert Smile .

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