WiFi looks to be working, but ...
Just got my PinePhone yesterday.

I went through the setup, configured WiFi, which seemed to connect just fine.  On reboot it doesn't seem to auto-connect, but if I manually click on the SSID I want, it connects up fine.

I checked resolv.conf and checked that the interface got an IP address.  Both look good.  I'll admit, the PostmarketOS is new for me, so maybe I missed a quirk.

Any suggestions on what to look for?  My WAP sees the device.  My device is getting assigned the DHCP assigned IP and DNS settings.  But, I can't seem to connect to anything, even directly by IP.  

Any help is appreciated. Huh
Okay, I loaded pine64-pinephone-20200726-phosh-v20.05-installer.img.xz onto the micro-SD card with Etcher.  After getting that set up, I shut the phone down.  Then, when I brought it back up, networking was working.

I'll have to look at what's on the internal storage and see about upgrading that.  Hopefully, it'll be easy to find for PostmarketOS on the Pinephone.

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