Dormant Projects and Hardware
I would disagree , over the years I've had a few raspberry pi's and a couple of odroids, but currently I'm working on a media server with the rockpro64 NAS setup. I wanted to get away from the other companies slightly and support pine64 . I currently have a pinetab and a rockpro , but eventually I'll hopefully have a pinetime , pinephone pinecil and a few other SBC's like the hardrock64 when it comes out.
I intend to write a tutorial on here when I'm finished setting up my media server, unfortunately I've only been able to tinker the last few weeks , a couple of days at a time.

But to let you guys know what I'm working on its a rockpro 64 running armbian buster with openmediavault as a native install . Running in docker I have jellyfin, Home assistant, Radicale caldav server and nginx as a reverse proxy.
Eventually I intend to run more but this is the current projection . All of it is now working as expected, I'm just working on fail2ban and psad to provide a bit of security .

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